Super Bowl 51 Prediction


I think its safe to say that Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all time. A great QB makes average receivers look like pro bowl candidates. Take last week against the Steelers in the AFC championship, where wide receiver Chris Hogan set the record for receiving yards in the game for a Patriots player. I don’t blame you if you have no clue who this man is, because he was a lacrosse player turned football player. Brady has had some great targets over the years, and to think that this man had the most receiving yards is bizarre. Lets not forget the Patriots have one of the best defenses in the NFL. All that being said, you can’t bet against Brady, and thats why I believe the Patriots will win. Many don’t want to see Brady hold up the lombardi anymore, myself included, but this man’s will to win and just pure talent is unbearable. The Falcons offense is great but in a clash against this top defense I don’t know if they can get it done. For them to win Matt Ryan is going to have to have to play perfect, Julio Jones is going to have to have at least 150+ yards, and Freeman is going to have to make the Pats defense challenge the run game. The upset is possible, but unlikely. Let’s just hope it goes down to the wire.

By: Francesco Cava

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7 thoughts on “Super Bowl 51 Prediction

  1. I agree with you brady is the best qb of all time and belicheck is the greatest coach of all time. They have won 4 super bowls together and probably will win there 5th next sunday . I think itll be close and then the pats will pull away at the end. More impressive to me as a giant fan is that they were the only team to hand brady belichick a loss in the super bowl twice! ’07 and ’11. I looking back o. How domi ant the pats have been over the years those two giant super bowl wins rank as my two greatest sports seasons as a fan to date.

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  2. Unfortunately for the future I don’t believe football will last. Perhaps extinct in 15 years. Baseball perhaps 20. Bummer. Shrinking league may salvage a few more years but the writing is on the wall.

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  3. The greatest comeback in super bowl history! Belicheck and brady get there 5th super bowl and thats not luck thats talent and serious preparation. They helmed the greatest franchise in nfl history and they may not be done yet!. Great game i hope you all enjoyed it as much as i did as a fan. On the flipside of all that , as a giant fan, those two super bowl wins against the pats, the only ones the pats juggernaut of belicheck / brady have ever lost seem even sweater and i never thought they ever could be. In 07 they stopped the pats as they went for an immortal unbeaten season that was as huge as it gets! Now after all these years the pats are still reigning supreme. What coughlin/eli manning and the GMEN did in against the pats in their two super bowl wins gets more and more legendary all the time!!!!

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  4. Oh its just gets better for them damn northerners. I would like to congratulate StapleSports for another prediction success! I wont bet against you if i can help it. Way to go pats for putting another dagger into the NFL franchise s and the commissioner.

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