Top 15 Centers Before the NBA All Star Break

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Minnesota Timberwolves

Throughout this past week Bleacher Report has released a top 30 rankings list for each position in the NBA, prior to All Star weekend. Their list was so bad it has inspired me to correct every position for them, but instead I’m shortening it to a top 15 list. Today I’ll start with centers. Every team needs a dominant big to drop it down low and get an easy bucket, and then on the opposite end protect the rim and grab a board. My rankings will be based on all around performances, not just a offensive or defensive specialist.Here are my top 15…

  1. Demarcus Cousins
  2. Karl-Anthony Towns
  3. Marc Gasol
  4. Hassan Whiteside
  5. DeAndre Jordan
  6. Al Horford
  7. Dwight Howard
  8. Rudy Gobert
  9. Andre Drummond
  10. Joel Embiid
  11. Brook Lopez
  12. Myles Turner
  13. Steven Adams
  14. Mason Plumlee
  15. Clint Capela

Let me know what you guys think down below!

By: Francesco Cava


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