Why the Knicks Need to Trade Melo


Going into this year the Knicks completely remodeled their team. They tried to build a win now team, but unfortunately it hasn’t been that great. They are sitting at 17-20 and have a major problem to address. The problem other than defense, is their “star player” Carmelo Anthony. For years Melo has been looked as a pure scorer, who is somewhat efficient, and plays barley any defense. The problem is that this year is efficiency is at a career low, shooting only 42% from the field. You can describe Melo in two words, a ball hog. The Knicks are a talented offensive team, but its seems that whenever the ball finds its way to Melo, it is a shot. Moving forward the Knicks have to realize that Porzingis is their future, and that Melo should not be in that future picture. If the Knicks do trade him, it will give Porzingis more room to blossom into the star that we know he can become. They can also acquire some really nice talent, or a draft pick. Take the Celtics who have the Nets pick this year; they would love to have Melo, as maybe he can be the one player they are missing to compete against the Cavs in the playoffs. If you are a Knicks fan you just have to pray they take my advice, before Melo ruins the rest of this season, and before he hurts KP’s improvement.

By: Francesco Cava


4 thoughts on “Why the Knicks Need to Trade Melo

  1. As long as mello is on this team there never going to be good. Kp must be the go to guy on this team but with mello its hurting kp progress. They should have gotten rid of mello a while ago.

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  2. OK, I have taken a breath and now I am able to think. The Knicks need, capital N, Need to trade Melo, whatever we may get back, 1 or 2 1st round picks a basket of 2nd round picks, or even just a basket, I don’t care. Its not that Melo is not a great player, his numbers prove as much. The problem is the type of player he is demands a completely different kind of team. Not so far from the Rasheed Wallace, Jason Kid and defensive minded couch Mike Woodson (Tone Loc) team. We need to establish an identity. We must get some young two way players and build around KP. I don’t even mind re-signing D Rose but not for 5 and not for max. If this means he must go, so be it. Try the kid baker out and Jenson for now. Jokim Noah’s contract is a big problem, they need to do whatever to unload him even the before mentioned basket. Phil Jackson must also leave along with his coaches! His New York pedigree not withstanding, Phil Jackson is more a product of the west coast today both in character and in basketball style. Not to mention he is old, no offence to senior citizens, my parents are also and I Love them. As a real Kicks fan I would NOT mind a season or two of pain for some long term benefit. We are too storied a franchise to continue as we have this many years, correction decades, of less then mediocre teams. We are New York F*king City! and we deserve a team as gritty, hard nose and tenacious as we are! Those God Damn Knicks get me FIRED UP!


  3. A little late night insight on the New York Knicks. Lets take the reported conversation between Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony at face value, why would Phil ask if Anthony wants to remain a knick? Because, he has no plan to trade Anthony and with the unfortunate injury to his good friend Chris Paul no place in which to trade him where he would relinquish his NTC (perhaps). Why do I say this? Other sources indicate there are upper level talks to hint the opposite for an Anthony trade and the departure of Phil Jacksons as well. Can we win now? the short answer is No. Not with the power houses of Cleveland and Golden State. But more accurately we should ask, can we compete to play the Cavs in the east? I think we could and a short term medium level trade can be had. If the other scenario is real and the Knicks are looking to reshape again, a host of real options and exciting trade possibilities and directions exist. With the history our cherished franchise has seen spattered on endless back page stories, I am interminably uncomfortable with my Knicks and of the current drama plaguing them with something other then just F*ing winning.
    So which vision is truly in-charge, the win now hopes or save the franchise cries? I think both fan and ownership stand at the same crossroad pendulum the Knick seem perpetually trapped in. I must now enter a seal of epic morality, I believe the Knicks have a curse. Yes, I said the dreaded curse word and I have put it squarely on my beloved Knicks. Where is our Mark Messier? Who knows, all I do know is this; Messier himself could be named the Knicks new general manager some day and I would not think that’s the craziest thing I ever heard as a Knicks fan.


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