Millsap is on the block


The Atlanta Hawks have put star power forward Paul Millsap on the trade block. Knowing he will more than likely opt out in free agency, they hope to trade him before the deadline so they can get something in return, rather than lose him for nothing. There are 3 teams that I believe Millsap would fit in perfectly. They are the Bulls, Raptors, and the Thunder.

The Bulls: Lets face it the 2016-2017 Bulls were a hyped up team, that really never had the talent to challenge the top teams in the East. Rajon Rondo is a basket case who was a bad signing, and really doesn’t fit at all. D Wade at times with Jimmy can be exciting, and even though he says “this is Jimmys team”, his questionable shot choices at the end of close games makes him look like he’s playing hero ball. Jimmy Buckets has been playing like an MVP candidate, and he needs some help. They have some entice pieces in MCW, Doug McBuckets, and Robin Lopez, who can be nice pieces if they just add 1 more star. By trading for Millsap they can get a stretch 4, which they desperately need, and a nice player who can play off of robin Lopez and Jimmy. A proposed trade I made would send Rondo, Mirotic, and a 1st round pick to the Hawks in exchange for Millsap.

The Raptors: Toronto is currently 2nd in the East, and by adding one more star can really give Cleveland a run for their money. They have a great core with Lowry, Derozan, and Valanciunas. The one position they really struggle in is the 4 spot. By plotting Millsap in there, they can finally stretch the floor with a big, and can give them the star power to go against the Cavs. A proposed trade I created would send Norman Powell, Jakob Poeltl, and a first round pick to the Hawks, and Millsap would be shipped to Toronto.

The Thunder: Westbrook is doing everything he can to keep the Thunder at a top seed, but sooner or later he’s gonna need some help. Oladipo and Adams have been nice pieces for the Thunder so far, but if they can get a solidified all star player to help spread the offense they have to take it. Sabonis looks like he can be a stud, unfortunately he would probably be in the deal, as he is a great rookie talent. A proposed trade for them would send Sabonis, Andre Roberson, and a first round pick, and in return they would get Millsap.

Lets see what the Hawks decide to do!

By: Francesco Cava




2 thoughts on “Millsap is on the block

  1. I agree with your assessment, but you left out the NY Knicks in the trade world. They can also use another scorer in a different role other then spot up shooting. All the teams you mentioned could be help by the double double machine of Millsap the question is at what cost as he is up there in years.


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