Will the Mets trade for McCutchen


Just a couple of weeks ago Andrew McCutchen’s name came up in several trade rumors, one being to the Nationals. In a matter of under a month the tables have turned, and now it seems the Mets are in pursuit for Cutch. McCutchen did have a down year, bt like any great player, he can turn it around in no time. In fact towards the end of last season he started heating up. There are several boulders in the way though of this trade. One being that we would almost defiantly need to include our young southpaw Steven Matz. All Mets fans know that the day will come where we will have to get rid of one of our four elite pitchers, and unfortunately that day may come sooner than we thought. The next problem is that the Mets have a ton of outfielders. They have to decide whether they are ready to give up on Conforto or Nimmo fast. Also they still have Lagaras, Bruce, and Granderson. Bruce more than likely will be traded before the season starts, and Lagaras is a possible option to be packaged with Matz to make the trade. If I were the Mets I would not give up on Conforto or Nimmo, they both are very young, and have promising bats. If the Mets have the opportunity to trade Lagaras and Matz for McCutchen, I believe they have to pull it off. Although Matz is a great young lefty the Mets have some solid young pitchers that can replace him. Lagaras hasn’t really developed his bat, and at this point is really just a defensive specialist. The Mets need a consistent bat in the three hole, who can play solid defense, and McCutchen is that guy.

Francesco Cava 12/22/16


6 thoughts on “Will the Mets trade for McCutchen

  1. For a young position player in as important a defensive position in baseball, that being up the middle, AM would solidify one 3rd of that requirement. With up the middle debt in the infield, the Mets remaining crutch would be at catcher. Dr No has had his mind upset and heart removed over the past year, I do not think he is a viable factor for the Mets any longer. The mets could also use a relief pitcher and additional power bat.

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  2. Im even hearing rumors the yanks arr looking at mccutchen now. I heard the pirates were interested in lugo and gselman also which i would rather give up thsn matz. Although mccutchen would be a great fit the mets have to unload the excess outfielders and it dont seem like thats happening. Also id rather hold on to gselman and lugo as bullpen guys or scratch starters. I hate to give up any pitching especially after what happened last year. At worse case the mets could have an ok outfield with what they have alteady. The deal has to be right.

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  3. I must disagree with my good friend and contributor Nick, I do not believe the Mets should stand pat. Championships are illusive and the Mets must strike while they have the young arms to do so. Look at the difference from one year to the next, the Mets were irrelevant and that cant be. AM is an all around player that fills all sorts of needs for the Mets and not to mention the boost in morale. Knowing your organization is working with you to get to the promised land and NOT against you removing heart players. Last year that wrecked the ship but a move like this could catapult the Mets right back into the team No One wants to face.

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  4. I would love to see mccutchen on the mets , but if they dont unload bruce and or granderson then those two guys will be expensive bench players plus you have to give up a top pitcher on top of that. Plus you still have conforto nimmo and lagares. What di you do with them? I think grandy has become a big part of the clubhouse and still has a good year or two left in him. And with those other outfielders as backups you still het to keep matz. Plus mccutchen is a small risk he did have an off year . But all this talk on a cold night makes me think of pitchers and catchers. Lol

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