How far can the Big Blue go


Despite possibly the worst call in the history of the NFL, the Giants were able to cruise to victory at home against the Lions today, putting them at 10-4 on the year. The Giants at home have been remarkable this year, going 7-1 at MetLife. The Giants success this year can be heavily credited to their defense. They have not let up over 30 points in a game all season. Over the course of the past three games, they have let up a combined under 30 points against top offensive teams such as the Steelers, Cowboys, and Lions. Although their offense can seem a bit shaky at times, they have still managed to be decent. They have a veteran quarterback at the helm in Eli Manning, as well as a top three receiver in Odell, and a rising superstar receiver in Sterling Shepard. The Giants have not officially clinched a playoff spot, but currently they hold the 1st wild card with 2 games remaining this season. If the Giants can clinch a playoff spot, they can be a dangerous team in the playoffs. They already proved they can beat the Cowboys, TWICE! Eli has proven over the years that he is one of the best playoff quarterbacks of all time, and with this defense backing him up, the Giants can go very deep in this years playoffs. Im not saying they are going to be SuperBowl champs, but if you really think about it, they have a good chance.

Francesco Cava 12/18/16


4 thoughts on “How far can the Big Blue go

  1. Will it be the blues for big blue offense come playoff time or can they inflict black and blues on an opposing offense………personally, who cares unless I’m betting.

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  2. This giant tram is reminding me a lot of the magical ’07 ’11 championship teams. Gritty defense anf timely offense. Most importantly the nfc is wide open this year, dallas is probably gonna be the top seed and the giants beat them twice. A big factor in the playoffs is experience especially at quarterback, eli has gone to the mountain top twice before as the mvp no less. When it comes to the playoffs you can throw out elis inconsistency during the season he is a different player come playoff time even though they will probably have to play all their games on the road they proved in their last two super bowl seasons that ots no problem . Plus they have odell the quickest reciever in the league he just needs a step and hes gone! I look for him to relish the big stage come playoff time and cement his legacy. I am so ready to get the playoffs started right away i dont think any team is gonna be happy to hear their playing the giants come January.

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