The NBA won’t be the same without Sager


For over 25 years the NBA was blessed with one of the greatest broadcasters to ever step foot onto the hardwood. Craig Sager was an incredibly unique man, who wore suits night in and night out that made you question, is this man crazy. Over my years of watching basketball I can’t recall one player who didn’t love being interviewed after the game by Sager. His upbeat delivery and incredible work ethic allowed him to interview the best of players after their biggest moments. An example is him interviewing the greatest player of all time,(see picture above). Sager was diagnosed with myeloid leukemia back in 2014, and still tried his best to stay as close to the game of basketball as possible. Sager had a famous saying..


        “I will continue to keep fighting sucking the marrow out of life as life sucks the marrow out of me.”

This quote shows how much fight Craig had, living life fully to the end. Many players were torn up after they found out what happened to him, and many of the greats such as Magic Johnson, reacted on twitter. Rest in peace to the legend.

Francesco Cava 12/17/16


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