Early NBA All Star Team Predictions



We are around a fourth of a way through the NBA season, and we have seen some ridiculous performances so far. Some players who were considered stars have taken the next leap in their games, and have consistently showed day in and day out why they are superstars. Some role players have emerged into upcoming superstars, and some stars have begun to show signs of deteriorating. The NBA All star game presents the top 12 players from each conference. Below I will have a list of players who I believe are deserving of earning a spot in this years game. I will also post a link to a video I will be making where I will use a simulation in a game to see how my predictions compare. So without further to do here are my predictions for the 2016-2017 all star game!

Western Conference  

1.Kevin Durant (GSW)

2.Russell Westbrook (OKC)

3.Klay Thompson (GSW)

4.Anthony Davis (NO)

5.James Harden (HOU)

6.Stephen Curry (GSW)

7.Chris Paul (LAC)

8.Kawhi Leonard (SA)

9.Demarcus Cousins (SAC)

10.Karl-Anthony Towns (MIN)

11.Blake Griffin (LAC)

12.Gordon Hayward (UTA)

Eastern Conference

1. Lebron James (CLE)

2. Demar Derozan (TOR)

3. Jimmy Butler (CHI)

4.Kyle Lowry (TOR)

5. Kyrie Irving (CLE)

6.Kemba Walker (CHA)

7.Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL)

8.Hassan Whiteside (MIA)

9. Al Horford (BOS)

10. Isaiah Thomas (BOS)

11. Kristaps Porzingis (NYK)

12. Paul George (IND)



















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