Will Westbrook win the NBA MVP?


It’s the year of the brodie. Beastbrook is playing out of his mind, getting triple doubles left and right. He is averaging so far this season, 31 points per game, 11 assist per game, and nearly 11 rebounds a night. He could be the first person since the Big O to average a triple double in a season. We knew Westbrook was capable of doing so, but these stats seem video game like. The problem he may have in his MVP run is that his team may not seed well in the Western Conference. The MVP for the last 30 years has never been given to a player who’s team was outside of the 3rd seed in their respective conference. The Thunder as of right now hold the 6th seed, with a record of 14-8, and they can thank Westbrook for pretty much all of their success. The Thunder without Westbrook are just a bunch of semi decent players, with most just being scrubs. Even if the Thunder barley make the playoffs, the league should defiantly give the award to Westbrook, as long as he keeps up this kind of play.

Francesco Cava 12/9/16


5 thoughts on “Will Westbrook win the NBA MVP?

  1. He is a one man show. I guess hes trying to make up for durants absence. Lol. He is a special player and if he averages a triple double for the entire season its very possible he gets a serious look at mvp despite hes teams record

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