Sale gets shipped to the Red Sox



All season there were rumors that the White Sox would trade their ace, Chris Sale, but nothing ever happened. Going into the off season experts were certain that he would not return in a White Sox uniform next season, and they were right. Today the young south paw was traded to the other Sox out in Boston. The Red Sox already having arguably the best lineup in the MLB, were comfortable trading top hitting prospects. Many Red Sox fans were stunned though, as the Red Sox traded baseballs number one prospect, Yoan Moncada. Boston also traded top pitching prospect Michael Kopech, along with Luis Basabe and Victor Diaz. This trade was beneficial for both squads, as it will help the White Sox start to build up their future, and the Red Sox with Sale may get over the hump in the AL. The Red Sox rotation besides Porcello, struggled heavily, but now with Sale at the helm, maybe he can turn them around.

Francesco Cava 12/6/16


5 thoughts on “Sale gets shipped to the Red Sox

  1. Yanks arent going anywhere with the starting pitching they have currently . Chapman’s a great addition and yanks can overspend. But they better address the starting pitching before the season starts.

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