Will the Mets get rid of the Grandy Man?


This offseason there has been plenty of rumors that the Mets are trading Bruce, but now several rumors are coming up that the Grandy man may be traded. As the lead off hitter for the Mets he batted .237, but hit 30 homers with almost 60 runs batted in. He also mad some big plays for the Mets in the outfield over the course of the season. Although Bruce played horrendous in his tenure so far with the Mets, I think NY wants to hold on to him a little longer, so they could see if he can turn it around. He played great with the Reds, and when the Mets acquired him, he was leading the National league in runs batted in. Some teams rumored that are looking to acquire Grandy are, the Yankees, Orioles, and the Blue Jays. It would be a heartbreaker to see the Grandy man go, but if a deal can be done to benefit us, its obviously the way to go.

Francesco Cava 12/3/16


4 thoughts on “Will the Mets get rid of the Grandy Man?

  1. He is on the trading block due to cespedes signing. The outfield situation has become a crowded one. I have heard that Alderson would rather trade bruce and keep Grandy and i have also heard that there is not much interest in either grandy or bruce from other teams. I would love to keep grandy he’s one of my favorite mets and he seems to always come through in the clutch. It looks like hell be back next year unless mets can package him with other players

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