Where will McCutchen Land?


Its crazy to think that the Pirates would be thinking of trading the face of their franchise. McCutchen has been ranked in the top 5 players in the league for the past 5 years, but last year he looked like a totally different player. He hit .256, with 24 homers, and 79 runs batted in. Not to mention career lows in, OBP and slugging. There are several teams that are really making a push for him, and they are the Nationals, Blue Jays, Phillies, Cardinals, and Rangers. I believe the best trade possible for the Pirates would be with the Nationals. The Pirates have stated they are looking for MLB ready pitchers, as well as infielders. This kills me to write this, (because I am a Met fan), but the Nationals can give them both those things. The Nationals have a great rotation, so if they traded young pitcher Joe Ross, who looks very promising, it wouldn’t be a big deal. They can also trade some infield prospects, or if they have to, they can dump Wilmer Difo. Acquiring Cutch will also allow the Nationals to move top prospect Trea Turner back to his original position at shortstop. Although he had a down year, you can never count out a former MVP to have a comeback season, both offensively and defensively. This would make the Nationals even more dangerous, and can certainly boost their chances of making a run for the World Series.

Francesco Cava 11/30/16



4 thoughts on “Where will McCutchen Land?

  1. You make some valid concerns about the nats picking him up , but in recent days it looks like nats have gone in a different direction and it looks like mccutchen will stay with pirates. Even though he has slipped a bit he still has some great potential and we dont want the nats to benefit from his reawakening.

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  2. Hearing a lot of buzz today that mets are pursuing mccutchen. Seems like a good fit hes a natural center fielder a good bat. If there going to get rid of bruce and grandy then its a good move. Lets see.

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