Is The Dark Knight Back?


Today marked the first time that Matt Harvey was completely dominant this year. Matt has always been our top guy, but this year has been a nightmare for him. Prior to this game he had a 6.08 Era, and there were talks of him being moved to the pen. Today Matt silenced the haters and threw 7 shutout innings with only two hits given up against the White Sox ,in the first game of this inter league matchup. Hopefully this is the start of Matt getting back on track, New York wants and needs their dark knight back.




4 thoughts on “Is The Dark Knight Back?

  1. So glad you are recognizing how critical a future with Matt Harvey is for the Mets and their hopes of a dynasty team such as the Yankees had in the late 90’s.

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  2. 2 good starts in a row so I think he’s back. It’s a bit scary for him because he’s got the talent and he wasn’t hurt so was it a mental thing? or was it just the ups and downs of a long baseball season.?

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