Memphis Fires Top Coach Dave Joerger



It was a miracle Memphis made the playoffs this year. They had a record 28 different people on the roster over the course of 2015-2016 season. Their top players were injured pretty early in the year, which amazed many people as they still were able to make the playoffs. They lost top center Marc Gasol early in the year to a foot injury, and then Mike Conley their star two way guard also went down with a injury. They traded for Mario Chalmers who was starting to break out as the new starting point guard, but then he got injured. It was a complete mess, but still they made it to the playoffs. The reason they made it was because of head coach Dave Joerger. In three seasons as the head coach he has a 147-99 coaching record, and is known to be a great defensive coach, as well as a coach that gets the most out of role players, an example would be his use of Vince Carter. I believe that this was a very bad move by Memphis, because if he was able to take a heavily depleted team like this to the playoffs, he can make a push with a healthy roster. Trust me when I say Dave won’t be on the market to long. I think this is a great opportunity for teams such as the Knicks or the Kings to go get a top tier coach. Let’s see what happens.


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