Mets Insider : Season Expectations




Last year truly was one of the best years to be a Met fan. Going into the year people thought that we had talent and would more than likely finish in 2nd, right behind the Nationals. They were wrong. We made some major moves at the deadline by acquiring the workhorse who got us to the playoffs in Yoenis Cespedes, but also guys like Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson who had some big moments toward the end of the year. We exceeded everyones expectations by making the playoffs, let alone the World Series. Obviously a ring would have been great, but it was a great experience for our young stars. This year people will be expecting more of us. We have made some key additions but also lost a few assets. Although we lost my personal favorite player in Daniel Murphy, we found a decent replacement, which is Neil Walker. Walker has a pretty good bat with a lot of pop, and is a decent fielder. We also picked up Antonio Bastardo who is a lefty relief pitcher, which we could really use. We also signed Asdrubal Cabrera, who did suffer an injury in Spring Training, but is now expected to play opening day. He brings a combo of a decent bat and a spectacular glove which Flores lacks. Also this year marks the return of Zach Wheeler, which would complete the young stud starting rotation. On paper going into the season we have the best pitching rotation, and our lineup is still looking strong. The problem with baseball is it is extremely hard to make it back to the World Series two years in a row. The Mets have the talent to get back, hopefully we could execute. As long as our young guns in what possibly be the best rotation of all time keep improving, and our lineup gives us run support, expect the mets to have another Amazin’ Season. Also as long as we stay healthy ( Every pitcher and Travis ) we should be back in business. My prediction is the Mets will have 90+ wins this season, and they will make the postseason. The only thing to say left is LGM!!!

  By: Francesco Cava            Mets Season Expectations Video


16 thoughts on “Mets Insider : Season Expectations

  1. I’m so excited to see this pitching staff night after night, and your right if they perform as expected 90+ wins are very possible. If they get to the fall classic were definitely going! It’s going to be fun watching the process. Can’t wait!

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  2. Francesco, you have excellent writing skills, however the Mets are not as good as the Yankees. The young pitchers that you mentioned will get smacked around like a piñata.

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  3. I’ve been a Yankee fan all my life. In 1986 I involved myself in the debacle of the world series celebration and had a great time with my fellow New York fans. The atmosphere last year and the excitement of those met core players remind me of the Yankees core 4 of 1996. I’m a fan as long as we (the mets) don’t play the The Yankees. So I hear ya SS Cava.

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  4. Yankee fans are feeling it. This year the Mets are the talk of the town. It’s been a while so Yankee fans are feeling defensive. The Mets have two glaring weaknesses however, they don’t run and they can’t throw out runners. All teams have weaknesses that’s the Mets, yanks have more problems

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