Don’t Sleep On The Golden Bears



March Madness is upon us, and most people think a number 1 seed is probably going to win it all. I myself think otherwise. Theres usually a couple of teams that slip under the radar every year, and then make a big push in the tournament. I feel that the California Golden Bears are that team this year. They have all 5 of their starters averaging over double digits in the points column and have some great young talent. There are 2 guys on their team that really stand out, they are Jaylen Brown and Tyrone Wallace. Both averaged over 15 points per game and led this team to some major wins all year. They won some huge games this year against highly ranked teams. They beat Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and CRUSHED the No.1 ranked team Oregon by 20. Lets take a look at how California ranked statistically this year as a team…

Offensive Rank: 130                 75.1 points per game

Defensive Rank: 60                   67.0 points per game

When looking at these numbers you may be saying that this team has no chance in this tournament. Although they are ranked 130th offensively, 75.1 points per game as a team is not to shabby, especially when you are a very good defensive team like California. There defense is very good and people overlook that. They rank 60th in opponents points per game, and 17th in opponents field goal percentage per game. They have quick and athletic players that could play a lot of minutes, and still be effective. There first game is against Hawaii Friday March 18th. All I have to say going into the tournament is don’t be surprised if California makes it to the elite 8, at least.

By: Francesco Cava


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