EXCLUSIVE: Knicks 2016-2017 Free Agent Proposal Leaked


An astonishing game plan has emerged from the Zen master himself, Phil Jackson. The outline of next year’s free agency strategy has been leaked to one of our sources and it’s a brilliant one. In a trash filled haul of a lifetime, were discovered the scribbled notes of the front office brain trust for the NY Knicks and this off season’s acquisitions plans. They were hastily discarded in an office trash bin. We are reporting our findings EXCLUSIVELY here at SS for our readers and it’s a Blockbuster!

The proposal calls for the unorthodox signing of two free agents. The first is Michael Conley Jr as reported earlier in the year. He is at the end of a 5 year / $40,000,000 contract and could be looking at a doubling or more of his former contract and if shy of the max could be solid acquisition. The other is the clever one we are calling unorthodox. That is the signing of Rudy Gay who is rumored to want to use his opt-out and sign with the Knicks. Clever and deceiving is this move for the Knickerbockers as you will see; the ends justify the means. No longer a franchise player not demanding of a max contact, with defensive prowls and the ability to post or attack the paint Gays presence in the triangle offense could be a serious match up problem for most teams. Teamed with a starting trio of Carmello Anthony, rookie sensation Kristaps Porzingas and stalwart center Robin Lopez, they could form a formidable eastern conference menace in the NY Knicks.
But wait! Like a great infomercial, that’s not all you get. The coming NBA season will also bring forth a bolstered budget thanks to the new CBA agreement. Stacked with the savings from the salary dump of Jose Calderon, Derrick Williams and Aaron Affollo (possibly), the NY Knicks will have the kind of flexibility not seen for the franchise in decades. This duck and move strategy will be off putting and fly under the radar with their true goal of acquiring max superstar Kevin Durant; the distractions of the previous two signings and the promise of a full and strong supporting roster will be the bait for Durant. But hold everything folks! I know what your thinking, all or nothing again as it was for Lebron James a few years removed but unlike past Knick moves, there is a plan B with an eye toward the future and youth.
Lets face it, Melo is on the far side of his career and it’s about time the NY Knicks build strong from the foundation up. If the Kevin Durant enticement fails not only will the new Knick roster remain formidable with Conelly and Gay but the talents of one Russell Westbrook lies in waiting the following off-season. Westbrook has been rumored to believe a championship in NY could bring him the Kings Ransom and glory OKC never could. This lure and plan for three of the NBA’s best players without a rings (Melo, KD and RW), could potentially garner any one or more of them the recognition as one of the best NBA players of all time discussions with a title win at the Mecca of MSG.

There is still more! This proposal, if it materializes will additionally catapult the status of the Zen master into the annals of NBA history with no higher rein ever seen by a player or coach. The incentives and story narrative of this leak are profound for all involved, three great players, an emerging superstar, an ego driven Zen master and a suffering franchise. Lets practice breathing…….Ohmmmmm Ohmmmmm. Great Hope Knick fans.

By: Francesco Cava


11 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Knicks 2016-2017 Free Agent Proposal Leaked

  1. Great insight in Francesco’s articles. What I like about his blogs are that you can tell he has a great passion for sports and it translates to his articles I’m a fan, so keep up the good work.

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  2. Great site. Your only 15, what? Keep up the good work. Came across your site by complete accident. Get some more exposure. Try having a twitter, face book, instagram account. Good luck

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  3. Hey Francesco just started reading your articles and i enjoyed your analysis its obvious you love sports and articulate it really well.. Im looking foward to the baseball season coming up, especially your take on the mets ( i know your a fan) lol, Should be a fun year and you should certainly have a lot to write about.

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