Knicks Sign Wroten To A Absurd Deal


Sources have said that Knicks are finalizing a 3 year deal with guard Tony Wroten. Wroten in his 4 NBA seasons has averaged 11.1 points per game, as well as 3 assist and 2 rebounds. Some may even say that those stats are inflated as he was the number one option on the PHILADELPHIA 76ERS, the WORST team in the league. The Knicks signing him is not even the bad part in this situation. The Knicks are in need of a guard right now, and with 20 games left they think this move can help make a push at the 8th seed. My problem with the whole situation is the years on the deal. I understand giving a one year deal to help in the hunt for a playoff spot, but Tony is not a long term option. If u think about it the worst team in the league waived him, so how good can he really be. Maybe the Knicks know something about him that we don’t, we’ll have to see.

  By: Francesco Cava


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