Is Ben Simmons A Lock For The #1 Pick


We can already see that Ben Simmons is something special. We have seen him all year lead LSU( one of the worst defenses in the NCAA ), to a possible tournament spot. He’s averaging nearly 20 points per game and around 12 rebounds. At 6 feet 10 inches, he is the perfect stretch for who can lock up the opponents small or power forward. Is basketball IQ is insane, the passes and the way he interprets defenses has drawn comparisons to a young Lebron James. He’s leading all the freshman in the nation with 22 double doubles on the season. Him not being eligible for the John Wooden award should not effect his draft status, as that was simply an academic issue. I believe there is a chance he does not get picked first because of his team. You may being saying WHATTTTT! The reason I say this is because theres a good chance LSU does not make the tournament. If they don’t that can effect his draft status, as many scouts really watch the tournament to see how big players perform in close game situations, and how they handle pressure. So what I’m saying is that theres a chance another big college player like Brandon Ingram, has a chance with Duke to advance deep into the tournament. He would be able to show off his talent more, his leadership, as well as his ability to close out a game. That being said by LSU not being in the tournament that equals less exposure for Ben Simmons, and that means theres a chance that he will be skipped on draft day for the number 1 pick.

By: Francesco Cava   My Youtube Channel !!!


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