NBA Season Is Right Around The Corner

NBA Season is Around the Corner

October 27th marks the start of the 70th NBA season. Theres usually a ton of hype around the start of the season, but this season has every NBA fan counting down the days to the seasons start. This is mainly due to the many changes that have and will happen to the league. Most fans, my self included, can’t wait to see the new jerseys that will be used this year. Several teams such as the Atlanta Hawks and the Toronto Raptors have changed their uniforms, and they look fantastic. This season is also a very important season for any players becoming free agents in the upcoming offseason. This is due to the NBA signing a new billion dollar TV contract that will allow players to sign for more money, and this will be implemented in the 2016 offseason. This will make the league more entertaining to watch this year as players are going to try to make sick plays and put up crazy stats, so they can get those big bucks next year. Another thing this year features is one of the best draft classes in the last decade. The rookies coming this year have proved to be NBA ready and will have an impact immediately on there team, unlike other years where we had to wait for the rookies to develop into regular NBA players. Lastly this year will leave most fans scratching their heads when predicting who will make the playoffs. We already know the teams who are contenders and are automatic playoff locks, but its going to be very hard to predict the lower seed teams. This point is mainly geared towards the eastern conference as the lower seeds have pretty much the same level of talent, meaning the last 3 playoff spots are up for grabs between 5 or 6 teams. At least we don’t have to wait long because before you know it October 27th will be here.

        By: Francesco Cava 10/22/15


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