Chicago Bulls Missed Opportunity


Days before the 2015 – 2016 NBA trade deadline a rumored trade between the Chicago Bulls and the Sacramento Kings sprouted. The trade rumor had the Chicago Bulls trading Forwards Tony Snell and Nikola Mirotic, as well as Joakim Noah and a first round pick to the Kings. In return the Bulls would have received slasher guard Ben Mclemore as well as former all star forward Rudy Gay. This would have been a perfect trade for both teams. The Bulls would benefit as they would be adding a scorer off the bench in Ben Mclemore, and add a perfect compliment to Jimmy Butler in Rudy Gay.

                                                 Rudy Gay Current Season Stats
17.6 6.6 1.7 10.6%

The Bulls defense would have improved and there production from the small forward position would have been much better. Rudy Gay is a solid perimeter defender as well as a good scorer both in the paint and behind the arc. Ben Mclemore would improve the scoring off the Bulls bench which has been sub-par all year. The Kings would benefit as they would be acquiring some young talent in Mirotic and Snell, and would be getting a first round pick in this years draft. Also they would be picking up Noah who is an expiring contract anyway. The main thing is that the Kings probably won’t resign Gay this Offseason so by not trading him they missed out on a chance to get some long term value for him.

By: Francesco Cava 3/5/16



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